Types Of Assessment

Hire the correct people first time around.

Assess To Recruit has been produced by EDExams Ltd which was originally created after a leading UK awarding body expressed an interest in creating a custom-built Functional Skills Platform. This has lead to Assess To Recruit having a very vast knowledge of producing platforms that fit exacting standards to fit the UK educational system.

We have two key standards all our solutions are based around.

  1. There cannot be an advantage or disadvantage of taking an assessment or examination online.
  2. The platform has to be accessible to everyone.

Assess To Recruit is:

  • bespoke to your needs
  • addresses any key assessment strategy
  • supports candidates progress
  • Uses a wide variety of tools and reports
  • Uses technology to track attainment and progress
  • Instant results and reporting

We have now created a unique platform to incorporate Mastery Statements, objective tracking and progress grids, alongside an assessment grid which can be tailored to any business strategy.

Whatever your approach to assessment without levels, we can manipulate our software to match your needs.  Our assessment system enables you and your staff to create a model of assessment which they know will work and which will suit them.

What Assess To Recruit Offers:

  • Any type of summative and formative assessment can be assessed, tracked, monitored and recorded
  • Candidates expectations, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and monitored
  • graphical data page identify progress to the candidates expected, predicted and actual progress made
  • Assessment dates, deadlines and progress reports that are flexible and easily created and moderate
  • A recruiter page to comment/assess work, behaviour, attendance and attainment alongside achievement
  • A candidate page to identify strengths, weaknesses, effort and behaviour against the expectations
  • Create assessments to highlight an extensive breakdown of every assessed area  for all cohorts, target groups, and individuals
  • A candidate and recruiter area to understand and identify the assessment policy through progress reports, comments and graphs
  • A facility to create target groups and procedures to enhance candidate progress
  • A management page to set up assessment’s
  • A bank of statements for issues, targets, expectations and comments
  • Instant and bespoke inspection-ready report.

The types of assessment that can be used and bespoke for your assessment policy are:

  • recruiter observations
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding of role
  • Exams
  • Baseline tests
  • Benchmark tests and exams
  • Presentations
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude
  • Individual presentations
  • Attendance
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Effort
  • Practical work
  • Competence
  • Organisation
  • Readiness to learn
  • Engagement
  • Spiritual, moral, cultural and social development
  • Writing
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Peer work
  • Evaluation skills
  • Skill Development
  • Group work

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